2021 - 2022 Football, Soccer,  Lacrosse & Basketball.

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2022 Football, Soccer, Lacrosse & Basketball

BVW v Lawrence V Girls BB 12-19-22

BVW v Lawrence JV Girls BB 12-19-22

BVW v LSN Varsity B BB 12-15-22

BVW v LSN JV B BB 12-15-22

BVW v Lees Summit N Soph Boys 12-15-22

BVW v Lawrence Girls C BB 12-13-22

BVW v SMS Soph Boys BB 12-12-22

BVW v SMS Fresh B Boys BB 12-12-22

BVW v SMS Fresh A Boys BB 12-12-22

BVW v BV Soph Boys BB 12-10-22

BVW v Gardner Boys Varsity 12-6-22

BVW v Gardner Boys Soph 12-6-22

BVW v Gardner Boys JV 12-6-22

BVW v Gardner Boys Fresh B 12-5-22

BVW v Gardner Boys Fresh A 12-5-22

BVW v MV Boys JV BB 12-2-22

BVW v MV Girls V BB 12-2-22

BVW v MV Boys V BB 12-2-22

BVW v LFS V Girls BB 12-1-22

BVW v LFS JV Girls BB 12-1-22

BVW v LFS C Team Girls BB 12-1-22

2022 Football

BVW v Gardner Football 11-11-22

BVW Football Banquet 11-7-22

BVW v Olathe North Football 11-4-22

BVW v SMNW Football 10-28-22

BVW v BV JV Football 10-24-22

BVW v BV Freshman Football 10-24-22

BVW v BV Football Sr Nite 10-21-22

BVW v Bishop M Soccer Sr Nite 10-19-22

BVW v Bishop Miege JV 10-17-22

BVW v BM Freshman 10-17-22

BVW v BM Football 10-14-22

BVW v SMW Soccer 10-8-22

BVW v St James Football 10-7-22

BVW v BVNW Football JV 10-3-22

BVW v BVNW Football Freshman 10-3-22

Girls Soccer 10-2-22

BVW v BVNW Football 9-30-22

BVW v Staley Football 9-23-22

BVW v BVNW Soccer 9-20-22

BVW v BVSW JV Football 9-19-22

BVW v BVSW Freshman Football 9-19-22

BVW v BVSW Football 9-16-22

BVW v BV Sophomore Football 9-14-22

BVW v BV Freshman B Football 9-14-22

BVW v BV Freshman Football 9-14-22 Parent photos

BVW v BVN Football JV & Fresh 9-12-22

BVW v BVN Football 9-9-22

BVW v ST. James Soccer 9-6-22

BVW v STA JV Football 9-5-22

BVW v STA Fresh Football 9-5-22

BVW v STA Fresh Football 9-5-22 Parent Photos

BVW v STA Football 9-2-22

BVW v BVNW Soccer 9-3-22

BVW v Topeka West Soccer 8-30-22

BVW 8-26-22 Jamboree BV, LFS SMS

BVW 8-20-22 Scrimmage Mom’s Day

BVW Golf Tournament 7-22-22

BVW SMN Avila Football Camp 6-29-22

BVW v Lawrence Soccer 5-18-22

BVW v Piper Soccer Sr night 5-7-22

BVW v BVSW Lacrossse 4-27-22.

BVW v BVNW Girls Soccer 4-26-22

BVW v Desoto Soccer C team 4-25-22.

BVW v Pembroke  Lacrosse SR night 4-18-22

BVW v BVN V Soccer 4-5-22

BVW v BVN JV Soccer 4-5-22

BVW v OE 2012 6A Finals

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2022 Cheer-See Download update

BVW Cheer 2 10-22

BVW Cheer Clinic 9-23-22

Cheer 9-6-22 9-2-22 8-30-22

Christ Lutheran School Cheer 9-26-22

21-22 Basketball links

BVW v BV 3-2-22

BVW v BVSW Sr night 2-25-22

BVW v BVSW C Team 2-25-22

BVW v BVSW JV 2-25-22

BVW Cheer SR Night 2-25-22

BVW v BVSW Freshman B 2-24-22

BVW v BVSW Freshman A 2-24-22

BVW v BV Varsity 2-11-22

BVW v BV JV 2-11-22

BVW v BV C 2-11-22

BVW Cheer 2-11-22

BVW v BVNW Fresh B 2-7-22

BVW v BVNW Fresh A 2-7-22

BVW v BVSW Varsity 12-17-21

BVW v BVSW JV 12-17-21

BVW v BVSW C 12-17-21

Dave L Shooting Clinic 12-4-21

BVW v SMN Varsity 12-3-21

BVW v SMN C Team 12-3-21

BVW v SMN JV 12-3-21

BVW v SMN Freshman A & B 12-2-21

2021 Football Links

BVW v BVNW 11-19-21

BVW v SMNW 11-12-21

BVW v BV 11-5-21

BVW v SMW 10-29-21

BVW v BVNW JV 10-25-21

BVW v BVNW Freshman 10-25-21

BVW v BVNW 10-22-21

BVW v BV JV 10-18-21

BVW v BV Freshman 10-18-21

BVW v BV 10-15-21

BVW v STA JV and Freshman 10-11-21

BVW v St. Thomas Aquinas 10-7-21

BVW v BV Freshman 10-6-21

BVW v BM JV 10-4-21

BVW v BM Freshman 10-4-21

BVW v BM 10-1-21

BVW v Raytown JV 9-27-21

BVW v Olathe North 9th 9-27-21

BVW v Raytown 9-24-21

BVW v St.James 9th 9-20-21

BVW v St.James 9-17-21

BVW v BVN 9th 9-13-21

BVW v BVN JV 9-13-21

BVW v BVN 9-10-21

BVW v BVSW 9th 9-6-21

BVW v BVSW JV 9-6-21

BVW v BVSW 9-3-21

BVW Mom’s Day 8-21-21

BVW Golf Tournament 7-30-21

BVW 7-14-21 Avila Camp

BVW 7-7-21 Avila Camp

Sports Pictures 2021-2022

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