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Family Portrait Prices

Family Portrait Sessions-All the full size printable picture files are included with each of the 3 Sessions.  Photo App included to view & share photos on phones.

$150  Up to 10 minute session. One group only, perfect for individual Families or couples.

$300  Up to 30 min. session. Different combinations of family members, extended families.

$450  Can be on location like at your house or favorite spot in the Overland Park area or at our regular spot. Up to 1 hour session. Great for larger groups with more combinations. Good for Company parties, family reunions, graduation parties, Holiday family get togethers.

1-8x10                            $25                    
2-5x7s same pose            $25
4-4x6s same pose            $25
8 Wallets same pose        $25

$10 Basic Retouching, color correction and blemish retouching.
$10 Shipping directly to your home.  Orders over $50 Shipping Free.
$25 Enhanced Retouching-Face swaps, eye glass glare, hair fixing etc.   

Wall Portraits


11x14 or 16x20      $175        + $175   
20x24 or 24x30      $400        +$300
24x36                     $500        +$400
30x40                     $900        +$700

Location +$195.  Overland Park Kansas City area-at your home or selected location.
Fun & Easy Family Portraits     
   We think everyone should have an updated family portrait. If your high school senior was 2 years old in your last professional family portrait then you probably should get an updated one. We also think it shouldn’t be as hard as people like to make it.
  Below are some tips to help you have a beautiful family portrait created without a lot of stress. Call if you have any questions about our tips or if you would like your family portrait taken at your place.

1. For outdoor portraits. Choose long sleeves, solid colors, black, gray, brown, medium to dark blue or green. With jeans or dark pants.  Don’t wear white unless we’re going to the beach in Florida or if it’s snowing. Or if you want to look bigger and stand out in the photo.
2. Most family sessions only take about 10-30 minutes so family members don’t have to spend the whole day posing. Depending on side of group.
3. You get to choose your photos from our website so no coming back in for a high pressure sales appointment.  
4. Don’t sweat the small stuff. We have PhotoShop.
5. Pets are fine but they can add time and a little to the stress level.
6. We can do portraits at your home also.
7. Call to set up your appointment and ask questions.
Family Portraits for others…..

A family portrait isn’t just about the people in the photograph looking like super models, it’s also about sharing your family for future generations, friends and family.  A professional portrait is usually a gift for others compared to any other items purchased. If you’ve ever gone through your Parents or Grandparents old family portraits you will remember the value of that.  Those old photographs captured who they were at that time so you could enjoy them today and pass them on to future generations.  What if they were so concerned about how they looked in a photograph and never had any taken?
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More Family Portrait Samples

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Table of Contents
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Anytime is a great time for outdoor Family Portraits in Kansas City, Midwest area.  Call for tips on the best outfits to wear for the season.

Around the colder Winter months we can do indoor location sessions at your home. Doing family pictures at your home can add meaning to your photographs. With less daylight to work with in the Winter, sometimes doing them inside is the only option.

Black and White portraits have a classic look that never goes out of style.

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