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Previous Years Sports Links

2019-2020 Games

High school Sports Pictures 2002-2016

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Other High School Sports Boys & Girls  

2006-2017 Soccer, tennis, basketball, other school events games here

2022 Soccer & Lacrosse & Football

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BVW v BVNW Football JV 10-3-22

BVW v BVNW Football Freshman 10-3-22

Girls Soccer 10-2-22

BVW v BVNW Football 9-30-22

BVW v Staley Football 9-23-22

BVW v BVNW Soccer 9-20-22

BVW v BVSW JV Football 9-19-22

BVW v BVSW Freshman Football 9-19-22

BVW v BVSW Football 9-16-22

BVW v BV Sophomore Football 9-14-22

BVW v BV Freshman B Football 9-14-22

BVW v BV Freshman Football 9-14-22 Parent photos

BVW v BVN Football JV & Fresh 9-12-22

BVW v BVN Football 9-9-22

BVW v ST. James Soccer 9-6-22

BVW v STA JV Football 9-5-22

BVW v STA Fresh Football 9-5-22

BVW v STA Fresh Football 9-5-22 Parent Photos

BVW v STA Football 9-2-22

BVW v BVNW Soccer 9-3-22

BVW v Topeka West Soccer 8-30-22

BVW 8-26-22 Jamboree BV, LFS SMS

BVW 8-20-22 Scrimmage Mom’s Day

BVW Golf Tournament 7-22-22

BVW SMN Avila Football Camp 6-29-22

BVW v Lawrence Soccer 5-18-22

BVW v Piper Soccer Sr night 5-7-22

BVW v BVSW Lacrossse 4-27-22.

BVW v BVNW Girls Soccer 4-26-22

BVW v Desoto Soccer C team 4-25-22.

BVW v Pembroke  Lacrosse SR night 4-18-22

BVW v BVN V Soccer 4-5-22

BVW v BVN JV Soccer 4-5-22

BVW v OE 2012 6A Finals

21-22 Basketball links

BVW v BV 3-2-22

BVW v BVSW Sr night 2-25-22

BVW v BVSW C Team 2-25-22

BVW v BVSW JV 2-25-22

BVW Cheer SR Night 2-25-22

BVW v BVSW Freshman B 2-24-22

BVW v BVSW Freshman A 2-24-22

BVW v BV Varsity 2-11-22

BVW v BV JV 2-11-22

BVW v BV C 2-11-22

BVW Cheer 2-11-22

BVW v BVNW Fresh B 2-7-22

BVW v BVNW Fresh A 2-7-22

BVW v BVSW Varsity 12-17-21

BVW v BVSW JV 12-17-21

BVW v BVSW C 12-17-21

Dave L Shooting Clinic 12-4-21

BVW v SMN Varsity 12-3-21

BVW v SMN C Team 12-3-21

BVW v SMN JV 12-3-21

BVW v SMN Freshman A & B 12-2-21

2021 Football Links

BVW v BVNW 11-19-21

BVW v SMNW 11-12-21

BVW v BV 11-5-21

BVW v SMW 10-29-21

BVW v BVNW JV 10-25-21

BVW v BVNW Freshman 10-25-21

BVW v BVNW 10-22-21

BVW v BV JV 10-18-21

BVW v BV Freshman 10-18-21

BVW v BV 10-15-21

BVW v STA JV and Freshman 10-11-21

BVW v St. Thomas Aquinas 10-7-21

BVW v BV Freshman 10-6-21

BVW v BM JV 10-4-21

BVW v BM Freshman 10-4-21

BVW v BM 10-1-21

BVW v Raytown JV 9-27-21

BVW v Olathe North 9th 9-27-21

BVW v Raytown 9-24-21

BVW v St.James 9th 9-20-21

BVW v St.James 9-17-21

BVW v BVN 9th 9-13-21

BVW v BVN JV 9-13-21

BVW v BVN 9-10-21

BVW v BVSW 9th 9-6-21

BVW v BVSW JV 9-6-21

BVW v BVSW 9-3-21

BVW Mom’s Day 8-21-21

BVW Golf Tournament 7-30-21

BVW 7-14-21 Avila Camp

BVW 7-7-21 Avila Camp

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Senior Pictures

Senior Pictures -Our main business is high school senior pictures and family portraits. Guys and parents like our Quick and Painless options at affordable prices. The class of 2023 is our 38th year of specializing in senior portraits.  Here’s the link to our senior portrait information page.

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Memory lane visit. I enjoy talking with the student photographers on the sidelines. It reminds me when I started taking football pictures my freshman year in 1976 at Bonner Springs HS, 44 years ago. With film I would shoot maybe 40 pictures a game. Things have changed especially in 2001 when I switched from film to digital, but the fun of capturing the games is still the same.

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Photo Collage Prints & Posters. Perfect gifts and to hang in your home and remember the times of your life.

8x12, 12x18 or 20x30 size

Order online to be mailed to you or email-call to order and pick up from us. Custom collages pick out the photo number and which game.

Link to Ordering Collages online click here

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2022 Cheer-See Download update

Christ Lutheran School Cheer 9-26-22

BVW Cheer Clinic 9-23-22

Cheer 9-6-22 9-2-22 8-30-22