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Thought/tip for the day-Remember, portraits aren’t always about the person getting their pictures taken. Parents sometimes try to convince seniors that “it’s for them”. While this is usually true in the long term, it’s not so much when they are a high school student.   

  So if you have a senior that doesn’t want/like their pictures taken just let them know this is for Mom, Grandma, college apps, yearbook ad etc.. And you found an experienced photographer that can make them look their natural best in a quick session without the fake Photoshop filtered look.  Free fun Tips 1, throw in a bribe, free lunch or something. Tip 2 Tell them you are taking them out to lunch then after they get in the car mention that you are stopping by Tim’s to get a few pictures taken.  Tip 3, threaten them. :)  Keep it fun


Senior Portrait packages can be used for any age student.

        Quick and Painless Package   $400     

Quick and Painless package is perfect for the senior who just wants a great professional senior portrait and doesn’t want to take pictures for a long time. Everything included in one price/package. Includes the photo session, Digital files of all the pictures taken, and prints from wallets to 8x10s.


Photo Session- Up to 30 minutes.   


Number of pictures taken to choose from. 25-75

 Prints- 1 8x10, 4 5x7s, 4 4x6s, 16 wallets. (By sheets) Additional Sheets $10 each (Sheet=1 8x10/2 5x7/4 4x6 or 8 Wallets)

Divide your prints with up to 5 different poses, by sheets/units.  

Basic Retouching and color correcting  $10 per pose.      

Digital  Files of all of the original photos taken, full size printable files & release form. Upon Request 2 different looks of all your files. Soft Focus/Filter look and all in Black & white.

 Free Family Portrait session. $50 value.   (Usually done at a different time from Senior session)


                  Fun and Easy Package     $600  

Double the time of the Q&P package so you can do more outfits, more props, settings and variety to choose from. More prints and up to 10 poses to divide your prints from. Best value for your money.


Photo Session-Up to 1 hour.      

Outfits- 2-5.           

Number of pictures taken to choose from. 40-150  

Prints- 2 8x10s, 6 5x7s, 8 4x6s, and 24 wallets. (By sheets) Additional Sheets $10 each  

Divide your prints with up to 10 different poses, by sheets/units.

Basic Retouching and color correcting  $10 per pose.  

Digital  Files of all of the original photos taken, full size printable files & release form. Upon Request 2 different looks of all your files. Soft Focus/Filter look and all in Black & white.

 Free Family Portrait session. $50 value.

         Senior Travel Location Package     $2500

(Call for Discounted price)   


For the senior who deserves and wants the best we have. This is the package to choose if you want to have a variety of locations that require travel time. Session time can be divided between 2 different sessions, such as if you want pictures done with 2 different hair styles or or different Seasons. Includes up to 4 hours of photo session time, a large variety of pictures to choose from and lots of package options.


Photo Session-Up to 4 hours, travel time counts towards the 4 hours. Time may be split for different sessions/locations.

Outfits- Usually 3-8 or as many as you want in the allotted time.

 Number of pictures taken. 100-500 The amount of pictures taken is different for each senior.

 Prints Included in Package-  3 8x10s, 8 5x7s, 16 4x6s and 32 wallets.

 Poses-You can divide your prints up between up to 15 different poses.  

Basic Retouching and color correcting is $10 per pose.

Digital  Files of all of the original photos taken, full size printable files & release form. Upon Request 2 additional looks of all your files, Soft Focus/Filter look and all in Black & white.  

Wall portraits 11x14 or 16x20 $175. 20x24 or 24x30 $400.

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Prices - Discounts

Budget DIY (Print it yourself) $100/$200/$600

Quick & Painless Package $400 On Sale  

Fun & Easy Package $600  On Sale

Senior Travel Location Package $2500 On Sale  

Package details and Discount Specials are listed below.

Sample picture Gallery Click Here

Specials & Discounts see below    

Senior Portrait Guarantee

Call to schedule or email for more info. 913-648-6625

Schedule your session online- Send an Email to with the following information.

Student and Parent Name

Parent’s (or senior if they are doing the scheduling) Contact phone number to finalize details.

Which dates/days work best for you, and time of day.

Which package you are interested in.  

Boy or Girl.

School they go to.

Any other questions that you have such as outfits, special needs/conerns etc..  

And if needed best time to call you to discuss scheduling the session.

Senior Portrait Guide-Tips and how to

guide for senior year/portraits.

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Senior Discounts and Specials

Senior Portrait Discount Days 50% off Deal!! One day each month 5-18-22, 6-15-22, 7-14-22, 8-17-22, 9-14-22. 50% off on any of our 3 senior packages or 3 DIY sessions. Limited number of spots. Call to schedule your spot.  

Spring & Summer Senior Portrait Package Savings $100 off any of our 3 packages. Extra Bonus: 10% off for paying cash.  Good through 8-31-22 Click here for complete Prices and Samples.

DIY Printing.  For simple and low cost Senior pictures

10 minute Senior portrait session and all the digital files $100.

30 minute Senior portrait session and all the digital files $200.

3 hour Senior portrait session and all the digital files $600.      

Digital files are sent to you the same day as your session.

Call or email to schedule or questions.  913-648-6625  Special good through 8-31-22

Get your Class of 23 senior portraits for free 1.Have your senior pictures or pay for your package by 11-30-22. 2.Refer your friends to us and when they have their pictures taken by us or pay for a senior package by 11-30-22 then we will send you $20 for each one, up to the full amount you paid for your senior pictures. Referral must use your name when they schedule. 3. The senior who has the most referrals by 12-1-22 will receive an extra $150 Cash bonus.

Family Portrait Specials  New for 2022, we’ve cut family portrait prints by 50%.Call to schedule or email for questions/info. Samples and tips on the Family Portrait web page.

Free Mom pictures-(or Dads) Get a few pictures taken with your senior during their session. (Just the 2 of you, not a family portrait session) AND Seniors get a Free family portrait session, anytime they want, usually on a different date than the senior session.

Location Sessions- Such as your home, school, college, sports park etc. are available with our Senior Location Travel Package or 3 hour DIY package. Sample senior location session pictures click here.

Arboretum Sessions -If you want to do your senior pictures at the Overland Park Arboretum we can do that. It’s $50 extra for the photo permit paid to the Arboretum plus $3 admission fee per person. Due to the amount of walking we recommend doing at least the Fun & Easy Package as it includes a 1 hour session time.

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Our photography business is based in Overland Park, KS in the Kansas City, MO area. We’ve had 3 studios in Southern California in the 80’s and 90’s and moved back to the Midwest in 1993 and have and a mall studio then bought a property with 2 acres to have a portrait park studio. After the kids moved out we sold our portrait park home studio and now use a Mobile Van studio, much like the food truck way of doing things. With the mobile studio we now can travel anywhere and have recently done photography from California to Florida. We do most of our photography in the Overland Park area but with our natural “old school” photography style, mixed in with the modern model styles of photo shoots and great prices from our low overhead we get seniors from all over the Midwest. So if you’re in our area from any of the surrounding areas gives us a call or email. Ottawa, Wellsville, West Franklin, Pomona, Burrton Halstead, Hesston, Newton Christian, Sedgwick, Jefferson County North, Winchester, Jefferson West, Meriden, McLouth, Oskaloosa,Perry-Lecompton,Valley Falls, Blue Valley, Stilwell, North, Overland Park, Northwest, West, Southwest, Academy, Basehor-Linwood, Lansing, Leavenworth, Pleasant Ridge, Easton, Jayhawk-Linn, Mound City, Pleasanton, Prairie View, La Cygne, De Soto, Mill Valley, Shawnee, Olathe, East, North, Northwest, South, West, Shawnee Mission ,East, Prairie Village, North, Northwest, Shawnee, South, West, Gardner Edgerton, Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy, Midland Adventist Academy, St. James, Lenexa, St. Thomas Aquinas, Bishop Miege, Roeland Park, Kansas State School For the Deaf, Spring Hill Charter, Emporia, Hartford, Northern Heights,  Marysville, Valley Heights Jr/Sr,Blue Rapids, Louisburg, Peoria Street Charter, Osawatomie, Paola, Chanute, Erie, St. Paul, Rossville, St. Marys , Rock Creek, St. George Onaga Senior, Wamego,  Andale, Bishop Carroll Catholic, Calvary Christian, Campus, Haysville, Clearwater, Derby, Kapaun Mt. Carmel, Metro Meridian Alternative, Collegiate, Sunrise Christian, Bel Aire, Life Prep, Highland Park, Topeka,Hope Street, West,Cair Paravel-Latin, Hayden, Rossville, Seaman, Shawnee Heights, Tecumseh, Silver Lake Junior-Senior, Washburn Rural, Bishop Ward, Kansas City, Bonner Springs, Fairfax Learning Center, J. C. Harmon, Piper High, F.L. Schlagle, Kansas State School for the Blind (KSSB), Sumner Academy of Arts & Science, Turner, High school senior pictures, Atchinson, Wichita, Burlingame, Burlington, Home School, Christian,Academy, Chanute, Christ Prep Academy, Valley Center, Charter, Wichita, East, North, Heights, Northeast Magnet, Northwest, South, Southeast, West Topeka, DeSoto, Eureka, Manhattan, Tonganoxie, Hayden, Highland Park/Seaman, Hillsboro, Independence, Iola, Kansas City Christian School, Kapaun Mt. Carmel, Leavenworth, Lansing, Lyndon, Louisburg, Maranatha Christian Academy, Shawnee, Maur Hill Prep, McLouth, Midland Adventist Academy, MillValley, Newton, home school, Olathe Christian prep, Springhill, Hutchinson, Williamsburg, Emporia, Lawrence Free State High School, Lawrence, Central Heights High School, Richmond, Atchinson, Parsons, Pittsburg, ks, Pleasanton, Seaman, South, North, Springhill, Hutchinson, Williamsburg, Richmond

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