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Tim’s Big Little Books are E-books (some Audiobooks on Audible and Itunes) that are short and easy to read, most of them readable in under 30 minutes. (The Audio books are closer to 2 hours) Just the good stuff without all the irrelevant stories. No ghost writer or, serious proofreading or even perfect writing.

Lots of the info is stuff I’ve learned along the way from reading and researching and listening to people. I started my photo journalism career back in 1976 and actually got a Journalism college scholarship, which I used to go to an automotive trade school, to get a job that would pay the bills.


SLEC is my latest and favorite Ebook. Click here to go to the SLEC page for more info and to order a pdf ebook or Kindle on Amazon.   

 A good book for the entrepreneur, small business owner and creative people like writers, artists and photographers. For people who like to think outside the box but don’t because they are afraid of what others might say or think.

SLEC is short for Self Love, Self Esteem and Self Confidence. Lots of information that Tim has researched over the last 40 years and has simplified into this book. Short and to the point, SLEC can be read in 30 minutes or less. It's full of easy to use tools and can be used like a how to guide.

The Black & White section uses a B&W photography analogy to explain how it’s okay and normal to see things completely differently, but also it’s okay to look at things slightly differently.

How to try new things without fear. How not to be afraid of what others think.

How to use self talk to your advantage instead of a disadvantage.

How to make effective goal and mind programming pictures.

How your creative and non-creative brain and mind works. See your previous programs and see how to reprogram your mind for a life that you want.

Grandma’s Caramel Pecan Cinnamon rolls. on Amazon.Step by step how to make them. On Amazon Click here.

Big House to Vanlife- on Amazon. Our journey of downsizing from a big house to building our own van RV home. On amazon Click here to read in Kindle.

Mini Camper Van-Turn your mini van into a camper van in less than 15 minutes. Click here to read.

$200 Red Cake made from scratch. Read here

Bye-Bye DESTRUCTION OF THE PHOTOGRAPHY PORTRAIT INDUSTRY- Probably one of my favorite books because it’s photography business related and an amazing Thesis that Fred Hinegardner let me use as part of the book. Also has some basic business common sense guidelines. It’s from 2013 so times have changed since then but must of what’s in this book still applies. On Amazon

Home Page                            Email Tim@tgfoto.com

913-648-6625                           Table of Contents

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