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Cinnamon Rolls, Photography, Race Cars

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Ebooks for sale. .99 each, emailed.   Books are on PDF format and can be viewed on your computer,  phone, tablet and also can be printed on your printer. Purchased ebooks are emailed to you usually within 24 hours. Feel free to contact us with any questions or book suggestions.

Photography eBooks.

$200 Red Cake made from scratch

Bye Bye-The destruction of the photography Industry and some tips on how to succeed in your own photography business.

Car and models-How to photograph models with sports cars.

Marketing materials. Samples of the direct mail and advertisements I’ve used over the last 15-20 years.

Continuous Lighting-How to make your own studio lighting.

High School girl posing samples.

Race car books-From different tracks around the country the last 40 years.  .99 each.

Riverside, MO

Corona, CA

RIR CA 1979-1980

OSS CA Orange Show Speedway mid 80’s and 1993

RIR Riverside CA 83-87

Bakersfield CA  80s

El Cajon CA  80s

Phoenix AZ PIR  80s

Lakeside Speedway KS  94-2002

I-70 Speedway Odessa MO 95-2002

Heartland Park KS

Thunderhill Topeka Mayetta KS

Sedalia CMS Adrian MO

Books in progress Coming soon

Transform a mini van into a camper van and building a Camper van to live in.

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