SLEC- Self Love, Self Esteem, Self Confidence

Tips and tools on how to have more SLEC

From my 40 years of reading and trying to figure out the subject

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NEW SLEC for Teens-The original SLEC book plus chapters added for Teens. Dealing with Social Media, Cell phones and more tips and tools to use.  Some helpful links for teens on dealing with teen stuff.

Amazon —– A good book for the entrepreneur, small business owner and creative people like writers, artists and photographers. For people who like to think outside the box but don’t because they are afraid of what others might say or think.

SLEC is short for Self Love, Self Esteem and Self Confidence. Lots of information that Tim has researched over the last 40 years and has simplified into this book. Short and to the point, SLEC can be read in 30 minutes or less. It's full of easy to use tools and can be used like a how to guide.

The Black & White section uses a B&W photography analogy to explain how it’s okay and normal to see things completely differently, but also it’s okay to look at things slightly differently.

How to try new things without fear. How not to be afraid of what others think.

How to use self talk to your advantage instead of a disadvantage.

How to make effective goal and mind programming pictures.

How your creative and non-creative brain and mind works. See your previous programs and see how to reprogram your mind for a life that you want.

12 Tools to improve SLEC

1. Present Moment-Be here now in the present.

2. Body-Exercise Health Energy Nutrition.

3. Self Talk-Applause, Cheering, Positive Talk has to come from within.

4. Pray-Go inside for God given value, Silent time.

5. Secret Belief in yourself, Keep SLEC, successes to self     

6. Boat Float-Do Your boat trip of life, don’t row back.

7. Question, Listen to your thoughts, give them new meanings.

8. Laugh-Smile, Use Laughter, Humor.

9. Service-Here to serve, find ways to serve others with your talents.

10. Don’t Compare to others, only to self.

11. Grateful - Why is life good today?

12. Failure-Is Results. Crisis is normal, it’s going to happen, success is also normal and going to happen.

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