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Overland Park, Stilwell, Leawood, Olathe,  Southern Johnson County KS areas

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  Email, message or call for more information, questions or requests.  913-648-6625  References upon request. Rates Below.


  Being home owners for 30 plus years with lots of pets, animals and gardens we know what it’s like trying to get away for even a day or two day get away let alone a week or two vacation. Trying to find someone you can trust with your hard earned home and pets/loved ones is a challenge. We have plenty of experience handling the unexpected, storms, earthquakes, power outages, backed up or broken pipes, pets sick or not feeling well. So pretty much a little of everything we’ve have encountered owning our own homes over the years.

  Cheryl and I have both been around farms, all kinds of animals since we were young. Cheryl has trained Newfoundland dogs for water rescue, obedience and draft work.  

  We lived on 2 acres at 179th and Antioch in Stilwell for 10 years. On our property in Stilwell we had pet horses, chickens, cats, salt water fish, dogs, rabbits, turtle, ducks, and probably a few pets I didn’t know about.  

  In the past 3 years we’ve sold our property, portrait park and house at 179 and Antioch in Stilwell / Overland Park, downsized to an apartment and now moved into our RV/ tiny house /Mobile Studio.

  A service we’ve decided to add is house and pet sitting. Since we need a place to park our RV overnight sometimes, it seems like providing some extra security and pet watching for home owners that are going on vacation or out of town seemed like a win win deal.

    We have our 2017 Ford Transit Van that we can park at your house and stay in the RV or many times we stay in the house to keep an eye on everything.  Our van is all self contained and is kind of like a stealth camper that doesn’t look like a regular RV (picture below)  Since our main photography business is still around the Overland Park area we are trying to do most of the house sitting in the Southern Johnson County area. Unless it’s like January or February and then we will be glad to house sit for your Florida or warm state home. :)

  Another benefit of having a photographer watch your place is you get updated photos of the family pets frequently sent to you.

   As far as our photo business most everything remains the same, same phone number, web site, email etc.  We can do Headshots and close up pictures in our Mobile studio Headshots van and we have portable backdrops we can bring on location for head shot, business social media type portraits or do location settings for family and senior portraits.


House sitting blog:

Why hire a professional house sitter over a friend or family member

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Rates starting at $30 Depending on services requested:

$30 to stop by and check on your home and feed pets. (depending on location)

$50-100 per day (each day we are there) to stay longer such as overnight to watch your home and pets and depending on how many pets. Watering Plants, Getting Mail, Taking trash out etc.


 Extra services can include, yard mowing, garden care, extra pets, other maintenance items higher maintenance pets/animals.

Further out of our normal area (travel time)

Before Confirming to watch your home we will usually come out to visit you and your pets to make sure we are a good match. We can then confirm everything you need and rates.

Email, message or call for more information, questions or requests.  


A few of our furry friends. Some of them like to pose for the camera.

What our home owners say about us:

I’ve known Tim and Cheryl for many years through their photography business and most recently as pet/house sitters.  They are very responsible and go above and beyond to make sure we are informed and our pet is well nurtured.  Cheryl’s background with training Newfoundland’s convinced us our pet would be in good hands and Tim’s photo updates always reassures us that things are going great while we are away.

Carol P.  Mill Farms

Tim and Cheryl are trustworthy, reliable and flexible. I completely trust them with everything I need done. We have gotten to know them personally over the last few years and they are the only ones I have trusted to stay at my house and take care of my property, dog and even my children!!  They are special people who go above and beyond to accommodate any needs you have. You will be completely satisfied with all of their services.

Stephanie P. Wolf Valley

Our new Tiny house/RV and our old Big house.

Email   913-648-6625

Home Page    Table of Contents

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