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Our journey from living in a big house on 2 acres to downsizing, building our van rv and living in it full time.

Try before you buy. Down load the first book Big House to Vanlife PDF file or the second book Years 2 through 6 for no charge. After you read them,  if you like them please pay for them on the link below or purchase them on Amazon or Audio version on $2.50 for the pdf Here.

Downloadable Ebook of  our story of how we downsized from a big house, and moved into a van. Some of the book is written by Cheryl, some by Tim and some the both of us so you get both points of view. See how we built our RV, what it’s like living together in a small space, where to park at night, how we pay the bills and how people view us living our of a van.  We moved in 8-31-17 and have been living in it since then.  Purchase Van PDF Ebook Click here.

Ebook & Audio Book on Amazon, Audible and Itunes

Van Building & Travel Photos Prints or Digital are available for purchase. , Digital files can be downloaded right after you place your order.  Prints take 2-3 weeks for delivery. Also available are photo products like mugs, mouse pads etc.Florida and Other Travel photo Albums

Building RV Pictures

Florida 2022

Route 66 Pictures  

Colorado 6-2020

Port Aransas TX 2-2020

Port Aransas TX 11-2020

Yellowstone National Park 2020

Mount Rushmore 9-2009

Table of Contents

Part 1

1. Life is good

2. Big house living

3. Photography market crash

4. Selling the big house

5. When in doubt, throw it out

6. Apartment living

7. Finding other income

8. Big decisions

9. Taking the plunge/ Lets do this!

Part 2

10. Pre-building

11. Cabinets & wood frame building

12. Electrical

13. Plumbing

Part 3

14. Van arrival-20 days till move in

15. Full time vanlife begins 8-31-17

16. Running a mobile photo business

17. Winter living October-December

18. January-February in Florida

19. March-May no spring

20. June thru September

21. Questions & Answers

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