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Feel free to email us any questions about any of the stuff that we use in the van. As an Amazon Associate I can earn money from qualifying purchases from the Advertisement links below.

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Our Complete list on Amazon of items that we use in the van and have used in building the van.

Links to our favorite Camping, RV, travel products from Amazon. If you purchase any of the item from the links we get a affiliate commission, price to you is the same. Our Complete list on Amazon of items that we use in the van and have used in building the van.

Our favorite Camping Chairs, we tried several different ones and these take up the least space, most comfortable and portable.

Favorite Folding Compact Stool. Small, light weight and portable. Works good for a foot stool also.

Bug and Camping Light Bug Zapper, these work great for inside the van, dual purpose, must have during bug season.

Electric Portable Space Heater. This works perfect in our van, great foot floor heater and heats up the bedroom area at night.

Another item we use almost everyday, Small Portable Water Heater. Use it for making hot tea, coffee or any other warm to hot water needs.

Favorite 2aa and 3a Rechargeable Batteries. Best price and best performance that we use in photo equipment, flashlights. The Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries seem to last the longest but are more expensive.

The Kitchen Stove that we use.

Wall Calendar we use and our Business Appointment book. Space is limited for running a business out of a van so small and space saving applies to everything.

Windshield Repair Kit. The windshield on our van is really big, I refer to it as the rock magnet. We carry the repair kit with us for any rock chips that we get. It’s easy to use and when you stop the rock chips as soon as they happen they are less likely to crack the whole windshield.

Fruit & Vegetable Juicer. We like juicing fruits and vegies and Cheryl likes baking muffins out of the pulp. This small one works great in our van.

Hand Mixer Rechargeable. Works great, portable and small.

Bone Conduction Open-Ear Bluetooth Sport Headphones. Headphones that I’ve never heard of before but they work great in the van, hear what you’re listening to but can also hear others talk.

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