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Image and First Impressions are Everything.

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Social media professional portraits, pictures.

Image and First Impressions are Everything. Look up some social media sites or business sites and look at some of the profile pictures or advertising pictures they are using. What do you think of some of them? Would you want to do business with them by the looks of their profile pics?  Like it or not we are judged by our photos, profile pictures. And the judging takes just a few seconds, less than 11 seconds for them to make a judgement to view your website or social media sites. Example, I recently view a pet sitting website where people go to find petsitters. I think I saw one person holding an animal, the rest of the pictures looked poor quality and a couple of creepy ones. In their profile about me, they usually said how much the love animals, their passion etc. But if you don’t make it past their profile photo, none of that matters. We can do custom sessions, not just a head shot but something more that shows who you are or what you do. If you’re a photographer then be using your camera. If you’re auto tech then get a picture with a car or working on one. If you’re a pet sitter, get a picture with a pet and so on. The picture should tell your story, not just unflattering photo taken out of a group shot with friends at a party.

Click here for more info for headshot profile pictures.

Just For you Pictures

Something new for 2024. A just for fun or a make you feel good self esteem building  portrait session. A portrait that captures the real you, or one that captures how you want to be.

With Just for you pictures, they can be just for you, not shared with anyone, or they can be shared with whoever you want. The good thing about not sharing them on Social Media sites is that you don’t have to stress out about what people will think of them. Just for you or your closest loved ones.

You can also get purchase a session/package for someone you want a portrait of and give it to them as a gift. Like a friend, parent, child etc.

With our new Micro sessions we are currently offering them as a bundle of them, at a discounted price.

The new Micro Portrait packages work great for Just For You Pictures. A short, low cost 1 outfit session with all the digital files in color and in black and white. Visit our Specials Page for current Deals and Discounts that we have going on.

Our Senior Portrait Page has more session/package options.

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