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Help out a high school senior in need to get their senior portraits taken. We will help you out with a big discount off the regular price of their package. Some people have lost their jobs or are dealing with inflation, leaving no money for extras such as senior pictures. We feel that a professional, flattering, senior portrait is a great self esteem builder for a young adult. If you know of someone that is in a tight financial situation due to no fault of their own, because of the economy shut down from the corona virus, we will help you help them out.

Call or email us and we will let you get them a senior portrait package at a great discount. You pay for it and let them know their package is paid for and have them set up a time to come in for their photo shoot. Their complete photo shoot and package will be of no charge to them. You can also let it be a surprise and we can contact them letting them know someone has paid for their senior portraits.