Photography Edgar Guest

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Here is her photograph just as she smiled,

just as she was as a gay little child.

Here is her picture, a school girl of ten.

Oh, she was lovely and radiant then!

Here is another to mark what has been.

This shows her wearing the charm of sixteen.

Cap and gown picture, the college days o’er,

can you remember the dress which she wore?

Now comes a young man to walk by her side.

Here is a portrait of her as a bride.

Swift are the changes which come with the years,

the bud none remembers when bloom time appears.

Yesterday’s glory is lost to the eye.

The past is forgotten as time rushes by!

But in these pictures the lost charms still live,

and to her children her childhood they give.

Here we have stored her life as a whole,

and captures the glorious growth of her soul.

Time never turns backward it’s old charms to give,

in photographs only can yesterday live.

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 Table of Contents