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The tools, cameras, computer, backgrounds and other items we use in our business.

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Some of the cameras and equpiment that I use or have used in my photo business. If you’re just starting out this list my help you to see what a professional photographer uses.  I’ve been taking and selling my pictures since I was 14, so if my math is right….41 years and still going. I’ll try to put links on where to purchase them at and I get a few pennies if you purchase something on Amazon if you click on one of my links here. So if you like what I share here you can say Thank You by clicking my links to go shopping, even if you’re going to buy something different from Amazon.   

  The camera system I use now is the Fuji X-T1, it’s a mirror less system which is way lighter than a DSLR and has many great features for portrait and wedding photography. The have a new model the Fuji X-T2 which I will probably upgrade to.

   I use a couple different flashes, the Yongnuo and the Nikon SB 910. I use the Nikon flash at weddings and events as it has auto exposure. I use the Yongnuo flashes for senior and family portraits. I also use the Yongnuo flashes in the studio for main, hair light and background light. With the remote controller I can adjust the 3 flashes from the camera position.