OSS Orange Show Speedway

Race Car Pictures 1983-1986 and 1993

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Orange Show Speedway Pictures Click Here.

Phoenix International Raceway Picture.

Riverside International Raceway RIR Albums.

Mesa Marin Bakersfield.

Cajon  Speedway.

West Coast Bundle Purchase of most of my pictures from 1979 to 1993. For personal use only, not for resale.  Click here to view them. $500 for 8500 pictures mailed to you on a USB Flash memory drive. Special Price Group Purchase price only $200 each. Good only through 5-7-23.  IF at least 10 people purchase the pictures by 5-7-23. That’s like 3 cents a picture if my math is right.   Pictures are from mostly OSS, and Riverside RIR. A few from Mesa Marin, Cajon, and Phoenix. Southwest Tour and lots of other pictures dating back to 1979. Lots of classics and some duplicates here and there in the albums. All the pictures were scanned in from the negatives that I’ve kept over the years and took a few years working on the to get them all scanned in.

With the changes and price increases in online storage, hosting of pictures I have no idea how long I will keep them online. Also downsizing to move to an RV limits the space I have to store things.

Email  tim@tgfoto.com   913-648-6625

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