Some Health Stuff (From2020/2021)

You have more control of your health than you think you do.

#1 I AM NOT SAYING DO ANY OF THE STUFF THAT I DO TO NOT GET SICK! I don’t make any of this stuff up, I’m just relaying the info that I’ve got from 30 years from reading, watching informational videos and talking to lots of nurses and doctors that are my customers/friends. Science info, medical info, psychology info and spiritual Bibles info.

The reasons I’m not afraid of getting the virus even though I don’t wear a mask, don’t wash my hands after touching hundreds of potential contaminated packages and I work with people who test positive for C19, are found in the 2 links below. The Wisdom of your cells and Living Health. In 2020 I came in close contact with tens of thousands of people. Never once got sick, never tested positive for C19, never wore a proper mask.  

Living Health (Science stuff), I bought the Cds 30 years ago or so. Similar to the Cell book above, technical stuff simplified on why and how people get sick while others don’t get sick. Free on Youtube.

Cells Book- (Science Stuff) The Wisdom of your cells by Bruce Lipton Also on Youtube for free. Get your cells right and you don’t get sick. 95% of hospitalizations are there because of mindset. Full of technical stuff explained simply on why some people get sick and some don’t.

#2 My nurse and doctor friends are some of the best people I know so while I’m not pleased with the Healthcare system’s ways, “protocol” I think docs and nurses are great people. But here are other options to health such as not getting sick in the first place and natural things we can do.

Beliefs! Spiritual and Science guy Video.  People who think they will get sick, usually do. People who don’t think they will get sick, usually don’t. Here’s a good short Youtube video that explains about health and sickness AND a group that had fake knee surgery, cut open and were watching it on a video screen but not their actual surgery, and the fake surgery group and the ones who actually had work done during their knee surgery had the same healing/recovery rates. Wayne Dyer & Bruce Lipton Self Healing

Immune System-Is the thing that keeps 1 person who is living with 3 other family members to not get sick while the other 3 people do get sick. The TV and experts basically told us, during this scamdemic to do all the things that weaken and completely shut down our immune systems. The Wayne Dyer & Bruce Lipton video and the Wisdom of your Cells book by Bruce explains it in detail. I believe the RV life that I live has helped us stay healthy. A few examples, we don’t watch and don’t believe the experts health people tell us to do, we are outside lots, have fun, take extra vitamins, eat lots of fresh food, walk outside lots, don’t wear masks, we’re around other people etc.

Cool story from Bruce’s book, when you’re in fear, which is what the spread 24/7……your immune system completely shuts down!!! They and people are talking and believing themselves into getting sick! The Living health book, linked above explains that a virus is not alive, and like a rat it needs trash to live off of. A person with a healthy inside immune system has no trash (bad cells)  for a virus to live on. It can’t survive. Flu/virus has the same symptoms of food poisoning, we poison our systems with fear and stress and bad food choices and then blame it on the flu virus. The disease/flu is your bodies way of taking out the trash. No trash to take out and you won’t be sick.

Online Meds & Doctor advice on fighting C19 and preventing it in the first place. I recently got some preventive meds for fighting or preventing C19. From what I know preventing a virus is the best for you, the next best is once you get any symptoms start doing what the docs say.

I used the Myfreedoctor to order




They sent the prescription to my local pharmacy and I picked them up there.

They also said: Also take the following over the counter products:

Zinc Sulfafe 100 mg daily,

Vitamin C 2000mg 2-3 times/day

Vitamin D 4000 IU daily

Quercetin 250 mg twice a day

Aspirin 325mg daily

Pepcid 40mg twice a day

Zyrtec 10 mg per day

Use the App to communicate with them. Medici is the App to use. Put your Profile info in it, credit card info, pharmacy info then text their text box on what exactly you want. They ask for $100 donation at the end that’s what the CC info is for so if all that info is on your profile it won’t hold up your order. They put people that are sick at the top of the line, since I wasn’t sick it took about 5 days for a doctor to get back with me.  Options include, you are sick now and need help, want to take it as a preventive measure or have on hand just in case.

Other Educational Links

ICU Nurse Video on Rumble..You have rights on what they give you in the hospital.

First Hand ICU Experience Rumble Video.

Video from Doc M.  explaining the prevention and the damage the one “drug” is doing.  

Norman Cousins Anatomy of an Illness as Perceived by the Patient

Oxygen Advantage Book-Water and Oxygen, 2 major factors in staying healthy/not getting sick.

Water cures book-Your Body’s Many cries for water.

PUSHHEALTH.COM is another was that a friend used to get meds. Other one people said they have used to get meds.

Website covers the deaths and injuries. The Vaccine Reactions.

Damage from the clot shot Dr. Ryan Cole