Our Secret for photographing ugly people
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I’ll give you the secret right off since I’m not one that likes to wait. There are no ugly people, just ugly people thoughts.  So if you come in to have portraits and I think you are beautiful then you are. My book says God didn’t make any ugly people so deal with it. Now if you come in and think you are ugly then that’s your thoughts, doesn’t mean you really are ugly, you just think you are. Two completely different things. There’s a good chance you got that false idea from some well meaning friend that told you that you don’t measure up to the professional models on TV or magazines.  Have you ever seen a model without their make up?  They look like everybody else.  Now there is some sort of math formula that says what beautiful people are, but really how many people have those right dimensions of their face and body? A very small % I would guess which in reality makes them not the normal people.
I can’t do much in one photo session to change your thinking, well until you see the portraits I can do of you, then you can start to see the beautiful you.  Probably one of the worst reasons why we think we are ugly are those 11 second photo sessions we call school pictures. Think about it, grade school photos you get 11 seconds to get a good photo, and you get 1 shot, that’s it. Compare that to one of my 1 hour sessions with hundreds of different settings and backgrounds to choose from that fits your size and personality. Or compare it to a model session,  many times these are all day long events, starting with big time high dollar professional  makeover.

Here’s an example of ugly vs. Beauty. In my 2 acre outdoor portrait park I have these beautiful yellow flowers that come out early in the Spring and then by Summer then turn into this rolling flower bed of white fluffy snow cones that look like snow in the Summer.  The photographs are amazing when I have people lay down in the middle of my flower patch.  Then one day that well meaning dushebag friend shows up during one of my sessions and informs me that those are weeds, dandelions or something, and with the right lawn treatment I could take care (Kill) of all my flowers.  I didn’t listen, they are still flowers to me and I mow around them in the Spring.  I told the friend if I sprayed weed killer on them it could get on all my green foliage background over there that photographs so nicely in the Summer.  Which he replied that yes the ragweeds need to go also.  Geez!  It’s all thoughts so we can see the beauty in someone or see the ugly in someone.  I see the beauty in everyone and what do you know, they look amazing in their portraits.

One more example. Have you ever been driving with your family or friends and point out an ugly green Mustang car to everyone and then some of them disagree with you.  Then you point out an really cool looking car and they didn’t even notice the yellow Camaro with black racing stripes that just drove by.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

How about holes in jeans?  When I grew up if you had holes in your pants or patches over the holes that meant your parents couldn’t afford to buy you new ones.  Now I photograph jeans with holes in them all the time, it’s all in how you think, how you see things,  not what is real, but it really is real because what you think is your reality. Confusing eh?  I believe that I only get beautiful people that come to me for photographs and what do you know, I get all kinds of beautiful portraits. Having 30 years experience also helps or going to a full time professional photographer that has the experience and know how to properly light, pose and knows how and when to capture that perfect expression.  Photoshop is nice to make something pretty out of a snapshot photo, but do you want a photo that captures the person as you know them or a Photoshopped photo that looks more like an  alien than someone you know???   

Side note, I like natural, realistic portraits. Portraits that capture the heart and soul of a person...so if you like the alien look that people won’t recognize you in your portraits style, we’re probably not the best studio choice for you.

Conclusion, no matter what you look like, or what size your are, we’ll make you look great and feel special in your portraits.  Read our senior portrait guarantee on our home page, if you don’t like your portraits we’ll refund your money plus $10 Do you know of any other senior photographer that can back up their work with a guarantee like that?
Be sure to check out the Heyugly.com web site, they can probably explain things a little better.
Have a beautiful day. :)
Here’s what I’m talking about.
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A beautiful girl, nice make up, but we have bad lighting for her face shape, wrong choice of lens, which leads to the big head and tiny feet, bad posing for her body type, bad hair styling and bad choice of clothes. Just a bad portrait of a pretty girl.
Ok, we’ve all seen this, a bad portrait that someone has the good idea of “I’ll just fix it in Photoshop”.  Fail!!  You should be able to recognize your friends and family in a professional portrait.
Same beautiful person, but with proper, lighting, clothing, pose, and just a touch of Photoshop so all her friends and family can recognize her. Everybody is beautiful not everybody can capture that beauty.