I wrote this one a few years back on my other web site, so I guess I’ll put it on here, my new web site.   

Today’s sermon– Teen drinking and the unmarried sex stuff.  Why? Because I have 3 teenage daughters. Did I mention that they think dad is stupid and it would be even stupider on their part if they were to listen to me.  On the other hand I work with a lot of teenagers at my studio, and guess what.  They do whatever I say.  Check out the Do and Don’t page for some examples of what I mean.  So with that logic, if I can convince all the other teenagers to my way of thinking then it would fix my challenge with my daughters, since their wouldn’t be anyone to drink with or have premarital sex with.  I don’t want to sound like someone that doesn’t like to have fun.  Just the opposite.  I cruise around town in a car that goes 200 mph and a couple of my favorite Bible verses are Prov 5:18-19.  Let your wife be a fountain of blessing for you. Rejoice in the wife of your youth. 19 She is a loving doe, a graceful deer. Let her breasts satisfy you always. May you always be captivated by her love.  (Notice is says wife, not girlfriend.)  
  The other day I asked a athletic, high GPA high school senior “why do seniors go out and drink.”  She told me that they do it for fun.  She also said that there isn’t much for kids to do in the Overland Park area.  She also said it was cheap, for a $12 bottle several friends could drink and have fun, much cheaper than bowling or other things. All of her answers made sense to me.  We all want to have fun for the least amount of $.  I then asked “why do they drive after they’ve had something to drink.  She said “they will get into trouble if they call the parents, and then they get kicked off the teams at school if anyone finds out.  Unfortunately this answer made sense too.  
However there are a few problems with this way of having fun.  1. You have to drink in order to have fun.  Wouldn’t it be more fun to be able to have fun whenever you wanted instead of having to have a drink.  2.  Most people don’t mind when they hurt themselves but they wouldn’t hurt other people.   When you drink too much you can get alcohol poisoning and go into a coma or die, and how do think your friends and family members like watching you dead or dying?  3.  Drinking and driving.  My favorite.   I’ve been a race car photographer for about 25 years and I’ve been hit  by cars 3 times. Here’s a couple of things to know about cars accidents if you survive, 1 after the pain killers wear off it hurts really bad and 2, it leaves really ulgy scars.  One other tuff thing about drinking and driving are the examples.  How many parents/adults do you know that have a drink somewhere and then hop in the car and drive home,  then they tell you not to drink and drive?????  4.  Advertisements, you know the one that has the healthy flat stomach girls and everyone having fun?  It says if you drink you can have a flat stomach and have fun.  Do you really believe that girl in the ad chugs down a couple beers everyday after work? Not.  But if you do have a sexy beer belly we can fix that in photoshop.   
 So those are a few of the bad things about drinking/fun.  I’m in to having fun all the time not just at happy hour.  Here’s a few suggestions to have more fun.  
1.  Get to know God.  You have to figure out your own way on how to do that.  I like the computer programs that you can do a search on whatever is bugging you.  It’s much easier than setting down and reading and trying to understand the whole Bible.  Being a race car photographer helped me become more in tuned with God.  When you’re standing beside a race track taking pictures and 2 cars cut through the infield and go on either side of you, about 5 feet away,  you tend to do some praying.  
2.  Goals-Make some exciting fun things to keep you busy to work on.  If you have a hopeful future you don’t need drugs to be happy.  Use your imagination, if you can dream it you can do it.
3.  Laugh-This has become one of my favorites.  Do it 3 times a day for 15 seconds at a time.  Just laugh out loud as hard as you can.  It’s really fun.  It makes people think your on something and they won’t mess with you.   Train your parents to laugh. Next time they complain about something laugh real hard for 15 seconds.  They’ll stop gripping and start laughing too.  Try it in class someday.  Get a couple of friends to laugh with you all at once and watch to see if everyone else starts laughing.  If you get into trouble, just blame it on the photographer guy. (that excuse worked when we raided the girls cabin at Wildwood a few years back) Be careful, it becomes a habit and you’ll start having fun without drinking, and it‘s free.  Do it while you’re driving with friends too.  The first time we were going to do it we looked over at this person about the time she spilled her drink down her front, then we really laughed.  
A couple of side notes:    God named them the 10 commandments not the 10 suggestions.
   Do you know anyone that looks at the 10 commandments like it’s a to do list?
   You should read the Bible and have faith in God... because it might help to keep the heat off of  you later on.  Parents-If God couldn’t get Adam and Eve to mind, then are we really all that bad if our kids don‘t turn out perfect?  
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