We look at our award winning photography a little differently than other photographers.  Instead of entering a photo contest with other photographers and putting a ribbon or plaque on our wall for others to admire, we like it when our friends win.  Like having one of the pictures we've taken put in a magazine, displayed in a school or just the big smile on their faces when they view their pictures. Our awards show up just about every day when we get emails saying how our friends love their pictures and there are too many good pictures to choose from.  And our favorite award is getting someone in that says they have never had a good picture taken and then they love all their pictures. Some of our awards are posted below.
Award Winning Photography
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Tim Galyean Photography -  Some of our services include Senior Portraits, Senior Pictures, Family Portraits, Business Head Shots,
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Former White House Chief of Staff Mack McLarty, Bob Johnson founder of BET channel, business owner Steve Landers.  Business portrait for their new company.
Clint Bowyer NASCAR champion driver for magazine cover photo.
Movie Director Rob Bowman (X-Files, Elektra, Castle) and his race Viper.
BVN v BVNW football game picture on cover of international magazine.
Local Viper owner on cover of Viper Magazine.
Kelsey Smith Sun Newspaper 2007 Johnson Countian of the year.
IRL race car driver Tomas Scheckter for magazine cover photo.
SMW senior Blake Lawerence on cover of Nebraska football magazine. 2024 Update: He has this hanging in his office.