Take Tim to Lunch

(To Ask Tim)

 Pick Tim’s brain on any subject you want.

Using Facetime, or call, or meet in person if we’re close by.


  To get answers from someone you can trust. For those that know me you know I am always honest, even though you might not like the answers that I give.

   It cuts your learning time when you can ask and get specific information from someone, to use other people’s knowledge. It can decrease the time spent in getting, achieving your goals.

  I have hundreds of educational, non fiction books in my library.  If I don’t have the answer to your questions or you want more information a subject I can share with you my favorite books and sources.

  To learn from my mistakes and successes, to get information on what I’ve learned, or to see my thought process on things or just for fun.

  Questions are the answer. The more you ask and learn from others the more likely you will get the answers to your questions in life.

Some topics might be….but not limited to.

  Learning on how to be a better photographer and or starting your own business.

  Vanlife living, how to build and live in your own RV, out of a van, trailer or truck and live rent free. Or even better, how to get paid to live in someone else's home.  

 Farming like having your own garden,chickens and animals.

  Goals and information on how live a happier life, as in the life you want to live and not someone else’s life. I’m not a doctor and I don’t have a college degree but I have lots of knowledge from my medical friends, resources, educational material on the health subject. My wife and I are in our 60’s and neither take any prescription drugs. ( Well 1, expired one for asthma inhaler but my asthma of 20 years has 99.9% gone away.

  Spiritual, God, religion type stuff. Pretty much the foundation of living a happier life. But very complicated.

I have a few books on Business, Van life and living a happier life on Amazon, Itunes and Audible.  


 I tell people to find an old person, old person as in older than them, and pick their brains for their knowledge and life experiences. It’s like a talking library history book. Pick there brains means, ask them questions. Then listen!! It also doesn’t have to be an older person, could be someone who is good at a subject you are interested in. Example, I wanted to know how to play a simple airplane game on my phone, so I went to my 10 year old grandson. In 5 minutes he saved me hours of learning and frustration.

To set up a time to chat

Make a list of questions you would like to ask me or my opinion on anything. Call, Text or email to set up a time. Only $5 for 15 minutes of picking my brain for. If you like the first 15 minutes you can add on as many as you like. Click here for link to pay $5.00. Payment is made through Square credit card service.

                 913-648-6625          Email Tim@tgfoto.com

 Facetime or in person is best  because they say words (like from a text, Email or phone call) are only 30 percent of communication, facial expressions, body language, tone of voice make up the majority of a conversation.

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