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  Photos and sayings, quotes, self talk statements that I’ve collected over the years and combined together. I’ve been using these  for over 10 years for motivation, reminders and to set my goals and things that I want to do.    After I make them I put them on my phone in their own album to look at daily. Combining photos with written words perhaps is more motivating to look at than just reading the same words everyday.

   For a limited time you can download all the digital files for your own personal use for only $20. Click on the link to see the complete album.  Currently 40 + images.

  You can screen capture them for free if you want to use them in the same way on your own phone. From the online gallery you can also purchase the full size digital files of each photo or order prints of them. If you like any of the photos without the sayings I can also make prints of those for you. If you have a saying or custom words you want on a photo email me and I can try to make one with your idea on it.  

  Some people don’t need outside motivation, everyone is different. We come from different family situations, different income areas, different people who may have influenced our lives good or bad and we have different goals. My thought is like a mind is like a computer and gets programmed, and programs can be over written especially the ones we don’t want. With these photo sayings I like to think that with enough repetition they can overwrite the bad programming, the bad programming will always be there but not on the mind’s desktop so to speak.

   For me I didn’t have the most ideal self esteem building childhood, but I had big dreams and goals, 2 things that don’t always equal successful outcome. When I was 20 or so I stumbled upon some mind books talking about positive thinking, goal setting and mind programming. For the last 36 years it’s always interested me especially in my job of dealing with all kinds of people and small business ownership. Being an “artist” photographer and small business owner, parent, husband etc takes a toll daily on one’s self worth, confidence and so on.  So I found it important in my situation to have to keep the positive stuff coming in every chance I get. Working at a “job” (not all obviously) or on a “team” vs your own business is a little different. They tell you when to show up, what to do, when to take a break, when to go to lunch, when to go home, someone to help you out when you screw up something or make a bad play on the field. When you own your own business you’re on your own, nobody, no team there besides yourself to make you get to work, help you up when you fail and so on.

   So the photo sayings aren’t for everyone but if these can help one person out to be happier, less stressed and have a more productive life then that’s a good thing.

Feel free to send me your feed back. Email

PS The photos are all ones that I have taken, the words and sayings are either from other sources or sayings that I have made from being inspired by other sources. Contact me if you want a list of my favorite sources for inspirational thoughts and ideas.

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Email   913-648-6625

Home Page             Table of Contents

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