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Click here for Amazon jobs, this is the link for the Lenexa, Kansas City area jobs within 50 miles. You can enter new searches from this link for other cities and job types, they have lots and lots of jobs available.

Some of the jobs, such as at our Lenexa sort center include, driving trucks in the yard, sorting packages, IT, management, medical, training, HR, and a few others.

I work at the Lenexa warehouse, there are 4 other ones that I know about locally. On Facebook I call it my health club job, instead of paying a gym membership, Amazon pays me to work out. I’ve lost 20 pounds and put on some muscle the last 18 months. :) The Lenexa warehouse is called a sort center, where we get already packaged packages and then sort them to go the different post offices in the Midwest.  To my knowledge it’s the only one that offers part time hours and you get to pick your shifts you work. Picking your own shifts works great for me since I run a photography business. If I need to do a photo shoot on a day I’m scheduled at Amazon I just call in before my shift and let them know I’m not coming in. They also offer extra hours so during my slow photo season I can add on a few extra hours.  Choose from 4 different daily shifts, 4 hour shifts, 7 days a week. Part time you get paid Holidays, eye and dental insurance, time and half on holidays and if you work over 40 hours, $500 medical ins credit, employee discount. The fulltime positions offer lots more benefits, the job link tells exactly what you get and the job description.  They also have other programs that if you work there for awhile then need to go back to school or something, you can come back without going through all the rehire process.  Other places, like Kentucky the have camp grounds that you can camp out and work right there.

Gardner/New Century Pantry one that deals in food, full time positions. Edgerton is a fulfillment center which stocks and ships stuff out.  Soon to open is the Shawnee warehouse. Also soon to open and now hiring/transferring people to is the big Kansas City, Kansas warehouse.

My info could be not complete and/or the company changes quickly so feel free to email me or ask questions and check their web site link posted above for details

If you plan on working at the Lenexa warehouse where Cheryl and I work 16 hours a week, you can help me get a referral credit by putting my name in the referral box. See pictures on the right where to put my name. You have to select found out by, then referral, then current Amazon employee then it will give you a box to type Tim Galyean in.  (They like to make it easy for me to receive my $50 credit)

  I also get credit if you click on our Amazon links on our website when you order stuff from Amazon, not much but hopefully enough to buy a couple tanks of gas for our new Tinyhouse.

6-26-17 Update

Currently Amazon is hiring for all 5 of the warehouses in the KC area.

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