A fiction story of would/could happen, taken from my life’s experiences, the way me and my imagination see it.
A time line of 2012, which may not really be the actual months of 2012, could be 12 months, 12 years or 120 or 1200 years. The bottom line for believers is that Jesus could return at any time, or your time on earth cut be cut short, so today is the day to be ready. Better to be ready and miss the day by a hundred years than not be ready for his return or your exit.

  January 2012, an exciting time to be alive and to experience so many changing world events.  From my little place in Stilwell, Kansas, the cold Kansas Winter has set in. No wait, it feels like Spring, almost every day in the 50s this Winter, and it’s now the end of January and still no snow.  Wars and rumors of wars are going on all over the world. Disease and sickness, cancer, deadly flu, Aids and others run rampant despite all the medical technology.  Greed divides nations as a small percent of the population becomes mega wealthy while millions of others are homeless and go hungry. Protests grow by the day in countries all over the world. Despite all the turmoil times are still good to great for most people, at least in the United States so people go merrily along their earthly journeys. False prophets and church scandals tend to turn people away from the church, but the Internet and cable tv allows Christianity to be taught all over the world.  

  February 2012, brings more odd events to go along with the odd weather from January. Tornados  break out in near record numbers, more warm days.  Earthquakes continue in diverse places and in rather large in size.  White fireballs from unexpected meteors light up the sky. Talks of war between Israel and Iran are growing because of Iran’s nuclear plants. It appears that Iran would like to start a global war as we have never seen in order to speed up the appearance of their spiritual leader. Gasoline prices are beginning to skyrocket fueling more stress and discontent among working and lower income people.  Our country leaders pass the buck as to it’s not their fault, it’s someone else's fault leading to even more discontent among citizens due to the lack of leadership. It appears the solution is to invade another country so we can blame the high gas prices on them instead of our own country. It’s almost like a set up for a one world government. It’s interesting to watch what could be the end times as we know it unfold. It’s been said you will not know the day that Jesus returns but you will see the signs, the signs are everywhere. One reason for the warmer Winter is because of the increase in solar flares and the we are seeing less Chemtrails in the skies this Winter compared to last Winter’s record breaking cold.  The Chemtrails block the Sun and radiation and therefore attempt to protect us from what is coming, the bad part is they coat us with chemicals and ruin the soil.

March through June 2012, things are deteriorating quickly. In the US as Spring arrives protesters come out in mass. The leaders try to censor the Internet as the Internet is the way the word is spreading and protesters organize and educate people.  The leaders know what’s going on but the try their best to cover it up to prevent wide spread hysteria.  They have their bunkers in the mountains well stocked with food and survival items, over a Billion dollars spent last year by them on MREs (long lasting survival type food). Killings and looting increase in bigger cities as government hand outs dwindle. Large earthquakes in diverse places are happening more frequently, record breaking tornadoes ravage the US starting in April with many F5 tornadoes. Volcanoes start showing signs of eruptions due to the Planet X’s pull on the earth’s internal magnet stuff.. In June the shooting starts between Iran & Israel.  End times as we know it are nearing.  

July through November, just when the clueless people thought things couldn’t get any worse, things do get worse.  Main stream media has done a good job keeping people clueless. Planes spray more chemtrails to try and block the incoming radiation from the ever closer Planet X. As the war expands in the Middle East, Russia, China and the US and it’s allies are now drawn in to what is now known as the war of all wars. We use our HARRP antennas on the enemy, they don’t work properly and kill the fish in the sea and create even more earthquakes, just like it killed the black birds over Arkansas. Rivers and the seas turn red from the bloodshed. The economy in the US and European countries collapse, there is little or no food or water for people in the cities after only 3 days. People without guns or ways to protect themselves and familes are easy prey for the ones who do have weapons.   More fireballs from the incoming planet are sent towards the earth catching lots of  the earth on fire. Large predicted solar flares penetrate the earth’s magnetic fields and Electricity goes out in many countries leading to food shortages, riots and looting break out due to lack of food and water.

December 2012, The skies have turned black from the smoke from the wars and volcanoes. 2/3rds of the world’s population is dead. Too many people to bury so the vultures take care of the bodies. That explains the increase in vultures flying around during the last few years. On December 21st the the North and South poles change positions dues to planet X’s  gravitational pull as it passes by the Earth.  The skies then clear and everything is new again, similar to the Noah’s flood. Side note: It wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark. December 25th, Jesus returns to earth and brings with him the people who believed in him to set up Heaven on earth where there is peace and no more sickness or death.
The end.  (or The Beginning)

The moral of the story, you have a choice, to be a believer or not to be a believer.

 John 3:16 (chapter 3, verse 16 of the Gospel of John) is one of the most widely quoted verses from the Christian Bible,[1] and has been called the most famous Bible verse.[2] It has also been called the "Gospel in a nutshell".  
   For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.  Ok I know for many of you the idea of everlasting life doesn’t make sense, I understand that it’s kind of confusing because we have to die to have everlasting life.  I suggest you go talk to some friends that have had a near death experience, spiritual people or people who work with hospice patients. If you don’t know anybody like that there are lots of books on those topics so just Google it or you tube it.

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