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The writing is on the wall

Just some observations I’ve collected over the years thrown together for anyone who wants to read along. And as always I’m not a trained professional preacher so read at your own risk.

   The way I see it is that I have a couple options, either to believe in what I call God or Jesus or not to believe.  Pretty simple I think.  Let’s say I pick option one and to believe in Jesus and that he died on the cross for me so that I could have everlasting life, in a place called Heaven. John 3:16 if I remember right. Now this Heaven place is supposed to be pretty cool place to live for forever. I get a new improved body, one that doesn’t get sick and then there is no more wars and all the nasty stuff that we have to deal with on earth now.  How cool is that to never get the flu again, anybody enjoy the flu symptoms?  Now I don’t have to be perfect or sinless, or even completely memorize and understand the whole Bible.  I just need to believe in God, (go to a professional to get the details) and do my best to follow the rules of the the Bible (not man) to get my ticket to Heaven.
   Now let’s say I don’t like to go by the rules or 10 commandments (not the 10 suggestions) or believe in God, well than I don’t get to go to Heaven and the picture isn’t so rosy.  I can understand why you might want to say well the Bible is blah blah blah so I don’t understand it and I don’t want to live by those rules set up in it so you can’t prove it blah blah blah.  In which case I guess I’m the lucky one because of the things, events etc that I’ve seen in my life I know God is out there, and/or here. Now there is a difference between a knowing something and having faith in something, I’m lucky enough to be past the faith part and into the I know part.  I could list story after story but until you want to get educated on the subject I would just bore you so I’ll skip the good stuff.
   So let’s move on to the writing is on the wall.  When should you start believing in God? After college? When you get married?  I say now would probably be a good time, sooner than later.  The reason being the stuff is going to hit the fan on this earth place, but before it does, God takes the believers up to Heaven so they don’t have to suffer the nukes, fire, etc.  Ok, I know what your thinking, you know enough about the Bible and you know that it says no man shall know when the time will be.  That’s true, but it also says you will know when time is near, stuff like huge earthquakes, weird weather patterns, false peoples, and a few hundred more things that have came to pass that the Bible said would happen.  Now I know the Bible was written like 20 years ago with the aid of computers and that’s how it knows about the future, or wait was it written like 2,000 or more years ago???  Guess what?  The writing is on the wall, and if you wait too long, well global warming is going to take on a whole new meaning for you.
   So what if I’m wrong and the Bible is wrong, what’s the worst that could happen if you decide to be a believer now?  Now what if the Bible is right and the time is near and you picked the wrong answer?  So what’s it going to be yes or no?  Just do it make a decision.
   Let’s take a look at man’s rules are going for us, how are they working out for us.  It appears that a lot of people are sad and depressed, I heard something like 50% of the adult population in the US is on some kind of meds/drugs to help them make it through the day.  Now on the flip side, I recently saw a TV special about people in the Blue Zones they called it.  People who live much longer than the average.  They featured a place in Loma Linda, CA, if I remember right they ate a little different and they were all believers.  
  So if nothing else go out and check out some of the info here for your own good.  I can send you some links if you want some more info also.  I didn’t proof read this page so let me know if there are 1 or 2 typos.