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Photography Hours -By Appointment only
Since we’ve sold our studio portrait park and now work out of our motor home RV we do everything, such as portraits and print order pickups by appointment only.

Mailing address PO Box  24363
Overland Park, KS 66283
Tim Galyean photography is a family owned and operated business. Tim (me, I actually do the web site not a professional announcer/writer) does the photography and wife Cheryl does all the (office type) work. Our 4 kids grew up in the business helping out but have now all moved out and have families of their own. We have 11 Grand Kids now so when I’m off work, I’m usually taking pictures.
   Tim Galyean has been a professional photographer since 1983 (1976 counting high school photograher) and opened his 1st studio in 1985 in Southern California. He has photographed people such as Castle, (Cheryl’s favorite) Bob Johnson BET Channel founder, David Copperfield, Merle Haggard, many professional race car drivers, Gloria Estefan, Rev. Robert Schuller, and thousands more. His work has appeared in many national and international magazines and TV programs and has been displayed at the Photography Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City.
This wasn’t a mid-life crisis car, I needed it for a prop for the seniors to pose with.
Just for fun, feel free to tell your friends that your senior photographer hangs out with and photographs Hollywood stars but he took time out to do your senior portraits. :)

Call Cheryl if you have more questions or need more information. (she's the one that knows what's going on, Tim just takes the pictures and does the website) Cheryl has raised 4 teenagers, all boys except for 3 girls, so she usually has the experience and knowledge to answer your questions and concerns.  She has home decorating experience so she can give you ideas for displaying your portraits. She can also give you tips on what outfits look the most flattering.   Email Cheryl  or Call 913-648-6625.
Being a family owned business we know how busy things get so we try to make things easy for you with our time saving ideas like placing your order by email and downloading your pictures from your own online album. Place your order anytime 24/7. You can even start printing your pictures the same day as your photo session.  Make sure to check our specials page for savings and email us or call with any special requests, questions. Email Tim@tgfoto.com  913-648-6625
I’m just like you. :)  I need to update our family portrait.