STA Class of 2015 Graduation

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$400 senior package for only $99. $300 to $700 discounts on our other senior packages.

Free Family Portrait Sessions through Summer.

Click here to view savings and Free senior portrait guide.

If you found this link please share it with your classmates/parents as many will not know about it with all the events happening around graduation.

You can purchase and download Digital files (digital file means 1 picture)  right from your computer or phone and/or order prints through our studio.

Special discounted price on digital files through June 15, only .99 cents each. Files after 6-15-15 are $1.99 and after 7-15-15go back up to the regular price of $4.99.

When you order digital files you will receive an email giving you the link to download them. Be sure to download them as the link expires. Digital files are full size files and can be used and printed for your own personal use. Call or email if you have any questions. 913-648-6625.

Text Message 254-488-5402

Prints and Custom editing-To keep prices, cheap, none of the digital files have been retouched or edited. If you would like custom retouching/editing please contact us with what you would like done. Examples-blemish retouching, date school info added to the bottom of your file or prints, cropping, fine tuning color and density, other.


Practice-Click here.

Candids-Click here.

Awards & Speakers-Click here.

Diplomas-Click here.

Note– The pictures are action/candid type pictures not posed studio shots.  Done this way to keep the graduation ceremony about the graduation ceremony not a photo session. This means there might be a few eyes closed or looking off, big smile, no smile, slightly blurry etc.   If you  would like a posed cap & gown studio portrait contact us and we will give you a free session during May and you can order from the studio portraits. If you have any questions on the pictures or how to order just email or call us.


Text Message 254-488-5402