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We bring our own house or we can stay in yours

Overland Park, Stilwell, Shawnee Mission, Leawood, Olathe, Johnson County KS areas

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  Email, message or call for more information, questions or requests.  913-648-6625  References upon request.

   Cheryl and I have both been around farms since we were young. Cheryl has trained Newfoundland dogs for water rescue, obedience and draft work.

   On our property in Stilwell we had pet horses, chickens, cats, salt water fish, dogs, rabbits, turtle, ducks, and probably a few pets I didn’t know about. Living in our RV we can’t have all that anymore but we have the experience of taking care of animals, houses, property.

  In the past 3 years we’ve sold our property, portrait park and house at 179 and Antioch in Stilwell / Overland Park, downsized to an apartment and now moved into our RV/ tiny house /Mobile Studio.

  A service we’ve decided to add is house and pet sitting. Since we need a place to park our RV overnight it seems providing some extra security and pet watching for home owners going on vacation or out of town seemed like a win win deal.

    We have our 2017 Ford Transit Van that we can park at your house to make it look like someone is there.  Our van is all self contained and is kind of like a stealth camper that doesn’t look like a regular RV (picture below) so we don’t need to stay in your house but can still watch over it while you are out of town, or pet sit as needed.

      Since our main photography business is still around the Overland Park area we are trying to do most of the house sitting in the Johnson County Kansas area.  Unless it’s like January or February and then we will be glad to house sit your Florida or warm state home. :)

  As far as our photo business most everything remains the same, same phone number, web site, email etc.  We can do Headshots and close up pictures in our Mobile studio Headshots van and we have portable backdrops we can bring on location for head shot, business social media type portraits or do location settings for family and senior portraits.


A few housesitter links for house sitting information.

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Basic Rate $50 a Day.

Could be less such as $25 or more depending on time involved.

Basic includes staying at your house, providing security instead of it sitting empty. Feeding pets. Watering Plants. Getting Mail. Taking trash out.

Extra services can include, yard mowing, garden care, extra pets, other maintenance items etc.

Email, message or call for more information, questions or requests.