Camper Van RV Journey

Our journey of living out of an RV/Camper Van/Motorhome/Tiny House

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3-4-18 The #1 reason people move to RV living.  Freedom. People are tired of owning things, which in turn own them. We had a big house, big property, cars, toys, horses, campers etc when the kids were at home. After awhile we had so much stuff most of my time was either working or maintaining all that stuff. All kinds of people have chosen the RV life, some because of lack of money, some because they are tired of things and want to go travel and spend time with people.

3-3-18 The hardest part of RV living-According to most people the hardest part is telling their friends and family that they are moving into an RV, as in “what will my friends say.” For us that wasn’t such a big deal for what ever reasons, you the reader can figure out that answer for us. :) When we announced that that we were doing most were like, that’s crazy….followed by, “I want to do that”.  RV living isn’t for everyone, we’ve always enjoyed camping and traveling so being on a full time camping journey is no big deal for us.

3-2-18 Van Appliances- When planning our van we made lists, lots of them so we could include everything we had to have. Miss Cheryl had to have a hair dryer so I did the research on how much power we would need to power a hair dryer. Since we had to wait for our van to be built we had to build and test and get most of the stuff in advance. Luckily our apartment had 2 garages so we had room to build some of the pieces. Our van has running water, using 12v water pumps, filtered drinking water from a different pump. Microwave, convection oven, TV, Internet using our phone hotspots so many of the normal house basic items.  

3-1-18 Parking. People ask where we park overnight or to sleep. We’ve park at relative’s houses, work places, sporting goods stores, at the beach, campgrounds, highway rest areas, friends houses, house sitting jobs, race tracks. A couple of times we’ve stopped to stay a hotel. So many options to park our campervan.  There are phone Apps that show you places that you can stay, for free and paying places. With the Internet/Facebook we have friends all over the country that said we could park at their place while we are going through their area.

2-28-18 Our 6 month anniversary since moving in to our Camper van the last day of August 2017. My plan is to share a little bit each day or week of our journey as we have learned that the RV life is becoming more and more popular.  9000 miles on our new house, we’ve been to Missouri, Illinois, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. Survived through the heat of September and the zero degrees of January. No major melt downs so far, electric and plumbing has been working good. We’ve modified many things and added stuff in the last 6 months.

8-31-2017 Move in day. After 20 days of throwing our van together we officially stayed our first night in our campervan. Still lots to finish but it’s livable.

8-11-17 We finally got our van. All smiles then time to get to work. Lots of long days and late nights in my future.

6-15-17 We’ve taken many trips to the Olathe Ford dealer and they are super nice to let us spend as much time as we need to measure out every inch of the inside of a van like ours so we can plan where everything will fit.

5-15-17 We ordered our new van, it is supposed to be 4-8 weeks, perfect as we are supposed to move out of our Apartment 8-7-18. And that turned into 12 weeks so we had to pay an extra month rent at double the price. $2200 a month, not going to miss that rent payment.