Camper Van RV Journey

Our journey of building and living out of an RV/Camper van/Motorhome/Tiny House

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Living in a Van Blog.

Some pictures and blogging, stories about our journey.  It started about 10 years ago when I came up with the idea to be able to run our photo business on location, anywhere in the country. So for the last 10 years I’ve been building our business to be 100% mobile, including selling our awesome 2 acre portrait park and big house in Stilwell, KS.  In 2013 we purchased a mini van and practiced taking some week long camping trips in it, figuring out what we may need for our fulltime RV living. In May of 2017 we ordered our Ford Transit extended high top empty cargo van and when it comes in, later this Summer we will build it into our fulltime house. A Tiny house on wheels.

   We’re helping fund our journey (well at least a couple tanks of gas)  with the ads on our page for the things that we use for camping in our mini van and items that we will use to build our new Campervan, so feel free to help us out by clicking on the Amazon links for stuff that you are going to buy or search on Amazon. I think we might get credit if you use our links even it it’s something else you end up buying.